The Ship : Bristol University Royal Naval Unit

The Ship

HMS Dasher is a P2000 (Archer) class fast patrol boat dedicated to the training


of Bristol URNU members. The ship is based at HMNB Devonport, Plymouth and is commanded by the Officer in Charge of Bristol URNU, Lt Charles Collins RN. In addition to the Officer in Charge, the ship also has a crew of four regular Royal Navy personnel.

The ships’ primary peacetime role is to give members of the Unit training in navigation, operations and seamanship. She has a number of subsidiary roles including Small Ship Navigator training and the provision of sea experience for members of the Combined Cadet Forces and Sea Cadet Corps.

During term time, HMS Dasher can generally be found out along the south coast of England with students embarked on sea weekends, allowing them to practice the navigation they have been taught in the classroom.

In addition to this she spends four weeks at Easter and six weeks in the summer on deployment around the UK and Europe, allowing students to consolidate skills learned on sea weekends and get a better feel of life away at sea, as well as training with other URNU ships.