Alumni : Bristol University Royal Naval Unit


Bristol URNU has a thriving alumni organisation called the Dasher Old Fellows’ Association – as a consequence alumni of the unit are known as DOFAs. A DOFA Newsletter, The Torch, appears periodically and is available to all members to download from the DOFA website. DOFAs are also invited to selected Mess social functions.

To minimise costs, communication from the Unit to DOFAs is done through e-mail. If you wish to join the DOFA mailing list and be kept in touch with unit events, please email us:

  1. Your name
  2. The years you joined and left the Unit
  3. Your current postal address
  4. Your preferred email address

The DOFA website is a secure area of the Bristol URNU site for which you will need a username and password. To obtain the password please email the above details to Bristol URNU requesting the DOFA username/password.

Alumni may also be interested in the DOFA “Facebook” Group which has been set up by a group of alumni of the Unit.