Deployments : Bristol University Royal Naval Unit


During the Easter and Summer breaks, extended sea training periods – deployments – take place on board HMS Dasher. Two deployments run during the Easter holidays, generally along the south coast of England. This period is split into two legs, meaning around 24 students can go on deployment at Easter.

Summer deployments take us further afield, and recent destinations have included the Baltic, Spain and the Western Isles of Scotland. This period is usually around 6 weeks long, split up into 3 phases, meaning around 36 students are able to go on deployment in the summer.

The routine on a deployment is similar to that on the sea weekends, except run over a much longer period, and students are appointed to various positions, such as ‘Senior Watch Leader’ who is in charge of the other students and the running of the ships routine, ‘Watch Leaders’ who are in charge of their individual ‘watch’, which is a group of 3 or 4 students, as well as reps for organising sport and social activities with any other P2000s that the ship is deployed in company with.

Deployments provide an excellent opportunity for students to get to know each other better and develop not only the skills they have learnt in the classroom on drill nights, but also to develop their personal interaction skills as well as their leadership and teamwork skills – and have fun whilst doing it!