Drill Nights : Bristol University Royal Naval Unit

Drill Nights

Bristol URNU drill nights take place every Tuesday night during term time between 1930 – 2130 at our Bristol unit in HMS Flying Fox.  Part of their purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to learn the theoretical skills required when at sea aboard the unit’s dedicated P2000 training vessel, HMS Dasher.

Drill nights can range in style from formal lectures on coastal navigation and pilotage, to student led presentations on a subject of their choice, or even practical leadership tasks.  Guest speakers are also invited to come and share their knowledge and experiences with the Unit.

In the run up to Remembrance Day on November 11th, drill nights are also used to practice foot drill (marching), to ensure the Unit is able to represent Royal Navy in an exemplary manner on the day of the Bristol Remembrance Day Parade.

After the formal teaching at Drill has concluded, the Unit is able to embark on the more informal part of the night, which could involve a quiet drink at the Unit bar, or a more organised themed social events.

Ultimately drill nights provide the basis for sea weekends and our Easter and Summer deployments, which allow students to consolidate what they have learned throughout the year in a practical environment.