Sport : Bristol University Royal Naval Unit


Wednesday afternoons often signal a few hours of sporting activities for the unit, which all members are free to take part in. These are used as practice sessions in preparation for the Inter-URNU sports weekend in February, held in Portsmouth.

Come the spring and summer terms, sport becomes more relaxed, and we can often be found playing rounders, football and ultimate frisbee on Clifton Downs. This allows members of the unit to wind down if they have had a particularly stressful time at University with assignments and exams. It also fosters the team spirit of the unit, and helps bring members of the unit closer together!

Every year around February, HMNB Portsmouth becomes home to the Inter-URNU sports weekend. All 14 URNUs attend this weekend where they battle it out in several sports to see who will be crowned overall URNU sporting champions! Alongside the sport, socialising takes place which allows students to catch up with friends from other units that they haven’t seen in a while. Often on the Saturday night of sports weekend, a themed event is held, organised by one of the URNUs.

This is always entertaining and allows everyone to mingle and party in one venue. 2012s theme was based around the Olympics, with each unit arriving with a different sport as a theme. This ensured there was lots of variety and some very ‘interesting’ fancy dress choices. Sports played at sports weekend are Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Sailing and Shooting.